Vehicle Signage

Our team of talented graphic designers have a knack for creating aesthetic art. Vehicles aren’t just used for taking you from one destination to another. Malaysians spend an ample amount of time on the road, from going grocery stores to sending your kids to school. If you are a GrabCar driver, delivery man or even a taxi driver, all the more reason for you to always be on the move. Bus passengers have nowhere else to look at but through the windows, other than their smartphones. Having your business advertised on vehicles will provide great exposure. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to advertise your business, or if you just would like to use your own vehicle, we provide all kinds of vehicle wraps, lettering and graphics that will steal every driver’s attention. 

MY Sign could help you stand out from the competition by maximizing every tool for advertising purposes. Advertising and marketing play a huge role in every business. There’s no point owning a business if no one is aware of it. When it comes to brand awareness, promoting your business on vehicles will definitely be a good idea.

Stay In Your Customer’s Minds

When you see a brand or business everywhere, you are bound to have them implemented in your mind. We can see how impactful it is if there is a brand that you constantly see wherever you go. A good marketing strategy will leave a lasting impact on a customer. Promoting your business on vehicles is a great way for local targeting. We can help create a design that will leave a good impression to your potential customers.

Custom Made Vehicle Signs

You don’t have to worry if we design something that you aren’t too fond of. We will create a draft first in order for you to let us know what you think. You are also free to make changes and revisions for your design. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your sign. Whether you need a design made from scratch, or if you already have a design in mind, we are able to do it for you.

The Types of Options For Vehicle Signs

There are a few ways to advertise your business on vehicles. There are wraps, vinyl graphics and magnets. If you are having trouble deciding which to go for, the team at MY Sign are experienced enough to help you with choosing the right signage.

Full Wrap

For a full wrap, you will have a design created by us, along with lettering of your business information. This option would be best if you are a catering company or any business along those lines. You don’t have to worry too much on whether it will fit properly on the vehicle as we are well-versed with vehicle wraps.

Partial Wrap

If a full wrap is too much for you, a partial wrap would be another great choice. We will place the wrap on the parts of a vehicle that provides maximum exposure and impact. 

Vinyl Graphics

These graphics are only placed in certain parts of the vehicles. If you have a maximum budget to spend on, vinyl graphics would suit your budget well. Vinyl graphics are usually used for logos and slogans on vehicles.

Vehicle Magnets

For something that can be easily removed or replaced, vehicle magnets are the best option. When you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting it removed after some time, you should get vehicle magnets instead. This would be the preferred choice for event companies or if your business is in the field of regularly having different promotions and events. 

The Types of Vehicles We Provide

If you own a vehicle or if you would like to use a vehicle owned by others, we can create wrap designs that will capture someone’s attention. When you have to turn designs into actual graphics, sometimes it won’t turn out the way it should look. MY Sign, with our expertise, will bring those designs to life, no matter however you want it to be.

Bus Wraps

Buses are big and everywhere. To advertise your business, bus wraps will be beneficial for the extensive amount of space, compared to cars. You could promote a message, product or service on these bus wraps. 

Car Wraps

Many food delivery companies will advertise their logo and contact information. When you travel to places or even to work, why not take the opportunity to advertise your business? You should take note that one vehicle alone could be seen by thousands of people daily.

Van Wraps

Are contractors, delivery men or contractors regularly part of your business? You would probably need a van to travel around. What better way than to increase the trust of your clients by having all of your business information on the van?

Vehicle Graphics

To increase the visibility of your brand, you should consider investing in vehicle graphics. What kind of information should be on vehicles? Well, pretty much anything! From contact information to your best selling services, promoting your business on vehicles will bring in many potential customers.

Vehicle Lettering

Don’t really fancy huge graphics on your own vehicles? You could just include letterings instead. Our graphic designers will be able to choose the right font and colour that represents your brand.

Vehicle Window Film

Advertising your business through vehicle windows instead of the vehicle itself opens up a “window” of many opportunities. When you place your business information on windows, you are able to apply a nice finishing touch to your commercial vehicle.

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