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Indoor signages can be very beneficial for your business, in terms of promotion and brand awareness. These signages can be used as direction signage or even wayfinding signages to aid the customers while they navigate around inside your establishment. When you have proper signages in your building or space, it will encourage customers to stay longer as they are able to find what they are looking for, thus, they won’t get frustrated and leave. Aside from being functional, indoor signages also act as a decorative piece that enhances your store or office space. 

Though having outdoor signage is important, the factor that turns these walk-in customers into actual paying customers would be during their experience inside. If they are able to find what they are looking for with ease, they are more likely to either purchase your products or take on your services. Providing a positive and comfortable environment for your customers is vital. Of course, attractiveness does play a part too. The ideal signage would be attractive signages that also serves the appropriate purpose of the signage. At MY Sign, we are able to create the ideal signage that leaves a positive impression on your brand. We cater to all kinds of businesses and industries, namely, commercial, healthcare, hospitality and many more.

Complete Indoor Signage Maker

We understand the struggles of deciding what kind of indoor signages should be placed in your store or office. Well, that is what we are here for. To help ease the burden off your shoulders, our in-house designers will be able to create a design that matches your entire interior. Consistent fonts, color and style are essential in order to maintain consistency throughout the interior space. You wouldn’t want to leave first-time customers confused and lost with inconsistent signages. Consistency leaves a professional impression to the customers.

Custom Made Indoor Signages

If you would prefer to add your own personal touch to your signage, we offer custom made signage as well. We will schedule a meeting with you beforehand to understand your business goals and needs. This will be free of charge as we offer a free consultation for first-timers. A timeline and budget will be carefully planned and created to ensure it will be aligned with your goals. Whether you already know what kind of indoor signage you are looking for, or if we are required to start from scratch, we most certainly are able to create the signage of your dreams. 

A draft will be created at first so that you are able to see if you are happy with it. Changes and editing are allowed, as long as you are 100% satisfied with the design. Once the design has been finalized, we will proceed with the draft and create the indoor signage according to your specifications. We will get our team of professionals to install your signage, together with cleaning up after they have successfully installed the signage. The installation process will be done without any issues or problems, due to the fact that our team acquires a vast amount of experience in signage installation.

Types of Indoor Signages

To take your business to the next level, owning attractive signage is an important aspect. Though, hiring the right signage supplier in Malaysia plays a vital role as well. Here at MY Sign, we offer a variety of indoor signages that are affordable and within your budget. We will work around and compromise to make sure you are completely satisfied with your indoor signage. Throughout the entire signage making process, we will keep you updated along the way. 

Here are the types of indoor signages we offer:

Floor Signs

Customers are constantly walking everywhere. There would be a high chance for someone to look down on the floor as they are walking. Floor signs are great for safety purposes to warn certain areas and brand promotion. 

Lobby Signs

To make a good first impression, having an attractive lobby sign is essential as it is the first thing that customers see when they enter your office or store. There are many types of material to choose from for your lobby sign, so picking the right material is an important step.

Office Signs

Without a doubt, you need some sort of signage in your office. The common types of office signages you need are lobby signs, directory signs, informational signs, room identification signs, wayfinding signs and wall murals. We offer most of these types of office signages, just let us know what kind of signage you are looking for to spice up the environment of your office! 

Product Displays

If you are looking for product display signages, our signages will be able to improve your sales and promotion. We design these signages to not only increase traffic but also encourage them to purchase your products. Clear, easy-to-read product display signages will encourage customers to purchase your products and might even turn them into a returning customer. Product displays are also the go-to options for your on-going promotion or sales. 

Wayfinding Signs

Customers would want to be able to know where are they going and find what they are looking for. To increase the convenience of customers, wayfinding signages are essential. If you’re letting a customer leave with frustration, they probably won’t come back.

If you can’t find any suitable indoor signage, feel free to give us a call or contact us to work something out! We can affirm that we are able to find a signage solution for you.

Types of Materials Available

There are many types of materials to choose from. It may be difficult to figure out which material would be best for your indoor signage. Leave it to us – we have a team of experts to carefully plan step-by-step on creating the best signage for you. Our team will analyze your interior and find out what type of material will be the best option.

Wooden Hoarding
Display Standee
Acrylic Display Panel
M&E Room Signage

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