Digital Signage

Looking to move forward with a non-traditional way to showcase your brand or business? What better way than to display your messages across digital signages? When you own digital signage, you are able to display multiple products and services on one single display. The replay will be non-stop and you will get to display multiple products all across, for many hours! If you are looking for a fast-paced way of displaying your products and services, MY Sign will guide you through the entire process of creating digital signage from A to Z. 

Digital signages would be your preferred option if you have been looking for new ways to promote your business. When your marketing and advertising strategies have gone stale, you can spark things up by adding digital signage to your new strategy. Even if you are under a certain budget, we can make it affordable for you based on your business goals.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Though digital signages are more appealing during the night, it would be no problem at all to have it being displayed during the day. Many businesses opt for outdoor digital signage to gain the public’s attention. You could have your digital signage using LED, LCD and projection signs. Our multi-talented team of professionals will schedule a meeting with you in order to make sure that your needs and goals are understood and met. Understanding your target audience is an important step as well, which is why we would discuss with you first to get a clearer view.

Indoor Digital Signage

Digital signages aren’t just meant for the outdoors. Enhance the interior of your store by providing your messages digitally. Liven things up with the vibrant colours of your digital screens. The best places to install digital signage would be stadiums, sports facilities, transportation areas, and retail stores. 

You might wonder if digital signages are worth the investment. One thing’s for sure is that, if one of your business goals is to attract attention in an interesting, unique way, digital signage would be an ideal choice. Of course, indoor digital signages are not just good for the eyes, it would be a cost-efficient way to improve customer service as well. Digital displays allow you to show many products and services without having to put up multiple signboards.

Compelling, Artistic Digital Signage

Promoting your brand, products and services shouldn’t be a complicated thing. With the rise of digital signage nowadays, you could see everything being digitalized. It’s not always about having the best-looking signage. If the signage does not serve a proper purpose, then it would be completely useless. The bottom line is, your signage should not only be the face of your business, but it has to also be aligned with your business goals.  

There are plenty of options to choose from, as digital signages can be really wide. MY Sign will be able to assist you in choosing the best option that suits your business. The goals of having well-designed signage would be to grab the public’s attention, convert the customers into real paying customers as well as retaining the current existing customers. Here at MY Sign, we don’t just create signages, we want to see your business grow and grow together with you. As we value a close, honest relationship with our clients, we would want to make sure that we are able to deliver through our valuable signages in addition to maintaining the relationship with our clients.

One-Stop Digital Signage Supplier

When you invest in our signage design services, it won’t just be us handing over the signage and be finished with it. We go through a series of steps and handle every aspect of the signage making process. When you approach us at the start with a free consultation session, our experts will do their best to understand what your business is all about, together with identifying your target audience as this would be one of the crucial marketing steps that should not be avoided. The signages will be tailored according to your needs, which means that you are free to make changes as you wish until you are completely satisfied with it. 

Once you’ve reached a satisfactory level and approve of the design, our manufacturing team will proceed to create digital signage. Depending on the complexity of it all, it may take several weeks for it to be done. Despite that, MY Sign is known to be extremely efficient and fast. We take pride in what we do. If you need the signage to be completed within a certain deadline, rest assured we are able to fulfil your request. 

Finally, after the creation process, when the design is ready for installation, our experienced team will head over to the location and handle the entire process of signage installation. We will remove the old signages (if any) and mount the new ones with ease. Safety is our number one priority to ensure that nobody gets harmed during the installation process. When you have signages being installed without property safety measures, there might be a chance of it falling over and such. We provide a complete package, which makes us the best signage maker in Malaysia.

Free Consultation

When you are looking for a local signage supplier and signboard maker in Malaysia, you might be spoilt for choice. However, it takes the right signage maker to produce the results that you want. MY Sign ensures that your expectations are met, along with your business goals. We are the most reliable signage and signboard supplier in Malaysia. Give us a call or contact us to see how we are able to help you achieve your advertising needs!

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